Johnson Screens has provided water intake systems for the most diverse industries for over 60 years.

We construct our high-capacity intake screens using non-plugging Vee-Wire® with a patented internal flow modifier that creates a nearly uniform low-velocity flow through the entire screen surface. That reduces impingement and entrainment of debris while protecting aquatic life.

Johnson Screens introduced the patented copper-nickel Z-Alloy for water intake systems. All of our intake screen products use that alloy, which received NSF Certification for utilization in drinking water applications (NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects).

See an Eco-Friendly Solution to the Zebra Mussels Problem

Johnson Screens introduced an innovative approach to combat the Zebra Mussel infestation, which is detrimental to power plant water intakes.

We created an eco-friendly solution by introducing water intakes constructed with patented solid copper-nickel Z-Alloy wire.

Since the first installation in the J.H. Campbell Power Plant in 1993, Johnson Screens has proved the effectiveness of the Z-Alloy design and provided years of Zebra Mussel protection.

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