Johnson Screens underdrain systems are designed specifically for optimized collection and distribution with direct retention of the filtering media.

Our underdrain systems are made of Vee-Wire® filtering media support profiles that offer fine slots to suit the selected filter media specifications and U-shaped perforated supports to allow flow control for both air and water.

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Johnson Screens, together with the other Aqseptence Group brands Passavant, Geiger and Noggerath, supports the group’s division Water Processing Solutions.

Water Processing Solutions is a specialized equipment designer and manufacturer. As the market leader, Johnson Screens provide innovative, reliable solutions for water and wastewater treatment as well as for seawater intakes.

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GreenFil Activated Filtration Media

GreenFil Activated Filtration Media

Johnson Screens GreenFil activated glass filtration media is an inert, amorphous aluminosilicate (glass) manufactured by up-cycling post-consumer green and brown glass bottles. GreenFil is verified to at least double the performance of sand filters without the need for additional investments in infrastructure,

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Triton Underdrain™ System

Triton Underdrain™ System

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