In Johnson Screens, our Vision, Mission and Values guide our actions to do what is right for all customers and employees.

Our Vision

A world where protecting lives and our precious natural resources comes first.

Johnson Screens has been working towards that vision since our inception in 1904.
Our products have helped protect lives by reducing harmful waste, providing clean water, and making the best use of our precious natural resources.

Our Mission

We support our customers on their journey to environmental sustainability with innovative separation and screening solutions.

We recognize our customers’ challenges on that journey, and support and partner with them by creating the best and innovative separation and screening solutions

Johnson Screens Core Values

Our Values

Values are the base of our culture. They lead us to achieve our goals and fulfill our vision. Together, we are the essence of success for Johnson Screens.
Hover on the icons to learn how each of us and our team applies our values every day.

Open Mindedness

“Keep a child‘s curiosity.”


will explore new ideas and think of creative and alternative solutions.


thrive on innovation and continuous improvement.


“Take it personally and act!”


am responsible and accountable for high quality work outcomes and performance.


Protect our people, our planet and its precious resources for future generations.


“The quest for knowledge is a never-ending journey.”


Continuously develop my technical, product and service expertise.


support our customers’ needs by providing industry leading solutions knowledge and expertise.


“Do the right thing, even when no one is looking.”


stand for my actions, and develop and grow trust anywhere, anytime.


take responsibility through our products and services.


“Be fearless.”


make decisions, work autonomously and communicate directly and clearly.


enable our customers’ dreams by providing new and unique solutions.


“Hunt as a pack.”


share my knowledge and work together with others by breaking down department walls and silos.


develop long term partnerships with our customers to deliver reliable performance and sustainable results.

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