Our product portfolio covers a range of water and wastewater treatment processes, with a focus on headworks and screens for liquid and solid separation for the most diverse industrial applications.

Reliably separating inflow water and wastewater from coarse solids is crucial for all subsequent treatment processes. This avoids blockages and obstructions in downstream biological or physical processes and strain on the plant.

Our portfolio of innovative solutions includes:

  • Headworks – Various elements of headworks for solid/liquid separation, conveyance, and steering of water flows using shut-off devices
  • Fine and micro-sieving/screening – Separation of extremely fine particles as the final stage of the treatment process using advanced rotary drum, micro, and underdrain screening systems
  • After-market and field services

In addition, we provide full service for our installations worldwide – consultancy, engineering, repair, maintenance, spare parts, training, assembly, and commissioning.

Together We Are Stronger

Johnson Screens, together with the other Aqseptence Group brands Passavant, Geiger and Noggerath, supports the group’s division Water Processing Solutions.

One of those shared technologies is the Noggerath Centre-Flo™ CF with an innovative chainless drive with shaft and pinion. It also has a nature-inspired honeycomb screening element, which generates extremely high open area (up to 90%) and reduces the operating headloss. All in all, it’s an efficient and space-saving screening solution with a revolutionary drive concept.

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