Johnson Screens Granted NSF 61 Certification

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Johnson Screens is the only USA manufacturer of stainless steel screens certified by NSF to that standard.

New Brighton, December 5, 2022 – Johnson Screens is proud to become the first and only company to be certified by NSF to NSF 61 for stainless steel water well screens. ALL stainless steel screens 2” in diameter and larger are now certified by NSF and proudly made in the USA.

NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 certification is intended to certify products, components, and materials that contact drinking water, and Johnson Screens is the only water well manufacturer to receive such certification from NSF for stainless steel screens.

“Our stainless steel screens are a fundamental part of the history of the water well industry”, said Craig Benson, Global Director of Johnson Screens’ Water Wells Business Unit. “Our efforts to have them certified to the NSF 61 standard clearly demonstrate our commitment to providing clean water and making the best use of our precious natural resources.”

According to the NSF, “the NSF Mark is your assurance that a product has been tested by a trusted independent certification organization”. Johnson Screens is proud to have achieved this distinction.

This is the latest in a series of additions to Johnson Screens’ line of NSF-certified products. Their portfolio includes certified PVC well screens, casing, and drop pipe; chemical products for well development, cleaning, and rehabilitation; and glass bead filter packs.

About Johnson Screens

Johnson Screens is the leading global provider of screening and auxiliary solutions. We support a wide range of industries, such as water wells, environmental, energy, chemicals, food and beverage, and mining, with our highly engineered and precisely fabricated products.


Renato Barbedo – Global Marketing Manager 

NSF Certification of Johnson Screens' Products

Go to the NSF website to see Johnson Screens Certifications for our complete portfolio of water well solutions.

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