Johnson Screens Water Supply Well Screens empower municipalities and essential industries worldwide to be their best.

Available in larger diameters to maximize flow rate and well capacity, our water supply screening solutions are certified by NSF to NSF/ANSA/CAN 61 standards across all stainless steel and PVC screens.  Their high open area to flow allows better access to the entire formation and the water requirements for demanding applications, such as irrigation, mining and power.

Johnson Screens casing, screens and drop pipes have exclusive connections that provide safe and fast deployment in the well. Our Nu-Well Family of NSF-certified chemicals can be used on potable water wells and other water filtering facilities.

How a Farmer Saved $280,000 on the Life of a Well

Nebraska farmer Paul Heinrich understands firsthand why Johnson Screens are the heart of his irrigation well.

By using our Agri-Screen, he has saved $280,000 during the life of his irrigation water well.

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