Johnson Screens India Sets a Global Example Yet Again

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Ahmedabad, January 18th, 2024 – Of all our locations around the world, India is perhaps the one that has most consistently had exciting news to share over the last couple of years. Whether it be the installation of solar panels on the roof of their facility or their team winning the contracts to install hundreds of thousands of water wells through the Jal Jeevan Mission, it can feel at times that not a week goes by without something noteworthy happening at our Ahmedabad location.  

As if on cue, they are back with more: 

“We are happy to announce that as of October 17th, 2023, we officially entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Government of Gujarat to expand our facilities,” says Shiven Amin, CEO of Aqseptence Group (India) Pvt. Ltd.  

See what we mean?  

Currently, the plan is to construct the new building beside our existing factory. The land required for this expansion project has already been set aside for this use as outlined by the MOU. And yes, the new facility will continue to participate in the same “zero liquid discharge” rainwater collection/recharging and tree-planting programs in which the original plant currently participates. 

“We expect the creation of this second factory to create about 250 new job opportunities and that it will represent an investment of roughly seven million dollars,” adds Shiven, giving some context to the true scale of these plans. 

Once again, we congratulate Shiven and his team on this wonderful opportunity. We can’t wait to pay you a visit to the new place! 

About Johnson Screens 

Johnson Screens is the leading global provider of screening and auxiliary solutions. We support a wide range of industries, such as water wells, environmental, energy, chemicals, food and beverage, and mining, with our highly engineered and precisely fabricated products. 


Renato Barbedo – Global Marketing Director 


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