Chlorination Recommendations

Chlorination Recommendations as generated on: 03/28/23

In a tank at the surface, fill a minimum of 4
gallons water. Better results will
be realized if the chlorination treatment volumes are doubled. The mixing can be done in batches.

Add in proper proportions based on the dosage for each batch, a total of
0 gallons of NuWell 410 to
the water in order to lower its pH value

Caution: When chlorine exists in a solution with a pH of 5.0 or lower, chlorine gas may be released. When the
hypochlorite solution or powder is added to the solution, its pH will rise immediately preventing any further
chlorine release. However it is strongly advised that you add the hypochlorite quickly and move away to a safe
distance until the pH of the solution rises.

Add a proper proportion (if done in batches) of the 0 gallons sodium hypochlorite to the solution.

Pour the chlorine solution into the well, evenly washing down the upper levels of the well before placing the
solution in the water column. The chlorine solution, should then be agitated or surged in the water column
to ensure good mixing and coverage. Let the solution stand in the well for a period of 5 to 12 hours.
Additional agitation of the water column prior to the removal of the chlorine solution is recommended for
better results.

Pump the solution to the tank on the surface.

Mix 0 lbs NuWell 500 with the
chlorinated water in order to neutralize the chlorine levels almost immediately. Whenever de-chlorinating
large volumes of water, first dissolve NuWell 500 in a gallon of water for every pound of NuWell 500
required. Note that some heat will be generated during this dilution.

Discharge the solution in the tank to an approved outlet.


Item Quantity Units
Treatment Volume 6 gal
Sodium Hypochlorite 5% active 0 gal
NW-410 0 gal
NW-500 0 lbs


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