Launching the StaySafe™ Hold Down Screens

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Johnson Screens introduces a new solution to increase safety in vessel maintenance operations by avoiding work in confined spaces.

San Antonio, USA, March 26th,2024—Johnson Screens unveils the StaySafe™ hold-down screens with the exclusive No-Entry screen extraction system at the 2024 Ethylene Producers Conference, which will be held from March 25th to 29th at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, USA, in conjunction with the 2024 Spring Meeting and 20th Global Congress on Process Safety. 

Hold-down screens are common parts of fixed-bed reactors present in chemical plants. They are used to maintain the catalyst or absorbent media bed in place when the process flows through the vessels. As the media needs to be periodically replaced, partial or complete removal of those hold-down screens is required during facility maintenance and turnarounds. Even after a vessel is purged and flooded with inert gas to mitigate toxic gases and potential explosions, workers remain exposed to many significant hazards associated with operations in confined spaces. “Implementation and compliance with regulatory and industry guidelines for entering confined spaces are critical, yet complex and expensive to execute,” says Benjamin Schmitt, Global Business Unit Director for Energy and Processing Technologies – EPT – a division of Johnson Screens. “Also, companies have already begun to mandate that employees do not enter vessels when removing media during a turnaround, which creates challenges for process engineering teams managing those operations.” 

StaySafe™ screens solve that challenge by providing a system that allows their removal without requiring workers to enter confined spaces.” “The innovative StaySafe™ design incorporates interlocking components that are assembled in the vessel without tools and secured in place with a central locking hub,” says Kevin Chase, Product Manager for the EPT Division. “By using the No-Entry screen extraction system, we can easily disassemble and remove the screens from outside the vessel, eliminating the need for workers to enter the vessel to perform that operation.” 

StaySafe™ hold-down screens are available in two designs: floating and manway. Both are compatible with the No-Entry screen extraction system. 

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Renato Barbedo – Global Marketing Director 

It is Best To Stay Out!

Learn more about the StaySafe™ hold-down screens and the No-Entry™ screen extraction system and how it reduces risk to workers while improving turnaround times and costs.