Johnson Screens Unveils the Innovative GreenFil Activated Filtration Media

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Chicago, October 3rd, 2023 – Continuing our commitment to innovation, Johnson Screens is  thrilled to unveil the all-new GreenFil Activated Filtration Media!

“Johnson Screens constantly works towards its vision of a world where protecting lives and our precious natural resources comes first by reducing harmful waste, providing clean water, and making the best use of our precious natural resources”, says Wilson Ragazzo, Director of Sales for IAS. “No other product encapsulates that motto better than the GreenFil media. Manufactured by up-cycling glass bottles, GreenFil is an inert, amorphous aluminosilicate media that provides at least double the performance of sand filter media for treatment of various water and wastewater sources without additional investments in infrastructure.”

GreenFil media is exposed to a unique three-step activation process to become self-sterilizing and acquire superior filtration properties. The result is a filtration media that inhibits bacterial growth and eliminates clumping, channelling, and passage of unfiltered water while providing a high surface area with superior mechanical filtration properties for the adsorption of fine particles. Furthermore, precise, consistent particle size distribution, shape, sphericity, and uniformity coefficient for outstanding hydraulic properties provide predictable, repeatable, and consistent nominal filtration performance.

“With all those remarkable properties, GreenFil media has a significant positive impact in operating cost by reducing the required volume for backwash water up to 50% and providing a quick Return on Investment within a two-year period on average”, adds Wilson.

GreenFil is available in two varieties – Polar and Nonpolar – that are, respectively, suited for the removal of positively charged particles such as heavy metals (e.g., Iron, Manganese and Arsenic) and superior mechanical filtration and efficient removal of hydrophobic contaminants such as hydrocarbons, organics, and microplastics in both hard and soft water.

GreenFil provides superior filtration solutions for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatments when used with Johnson Screens’ Triton Underdrain System.

We are excited to expand our range of industrial filtration solutions! Want to learn more? View the product by clicking here.

About Johnson Screens

Johnson Screens is the leading global provider of screening and auxiliary solutions. We support a wide range of industries, such as water wells, environmental, energy, chemicals, food and beverage, and mining, with our highly engineered and precisely fabricated products.


Renato Barbedo – Global Marketing Director 

Earth Friendly Filter Media

Johnson Screens GreenFil activated glass filtration media is an inert, amorphous aluminosilicate (glass) manufactured by up-cycling post-consumer green and brown glass bottles.

Learn More about how it is made and why GreenFil is a superior filtration media than sand.

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