Johnson Screens India Pvt. Ltd. Launches the Prayaas CSR Initiative

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Ahmedabad, Jan. 15th – In a noteworthy move towards fostering sustainable growth and contributing to societal well-being, Johnson Screens India Pvt. Ltd. has recently launched the Prayaas Initiative, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.   

The comprehensive initiative aims to address crucial aspects of sustainable development and make a positive impact at various levels, with a particular focus on enhancing sanitation, water facilities, and overall well-being in communities. The initiative recognizes the importance of contributing to societal health through business operations and meaningful social and environmental efforts.   

Key Activities:   

Sanitation Products and Facilities: One of the Prayaas Initiative’s core components is providing sanitation products and facilities. Recognizing the importance of hygiene and sanitation in community well-being, Johnson Screens India Pvt. Ltd. is committed to improving access to these essential resources.   

Water Facility Development: The initiative includes plans to develop water facilities in areas lacking adequate access. That involves leveraging technology and innovation to create sustainable water solutions that address the community’s needs.    

Construction of Recharge Wells: In regions prone to drought, the Prayaas Initiative focuses on constructing community water wells and recharge wells. This strategic approach aims to replenish groundwater levels, contributing to long-term water sustainability in drought-affected villages. The initiative recognizes water’s vital role in community health and agriculture and includes enhancing existing water wells to ensure improved quality and accessibility for villagers.   

As part of its commitment to supporting education and nurturing future generations, the Prayaas Initiative recently led Johnson Screens India Pvt. Ltd. to collaborate with Thori Mubarak Primary School Viramgam. The event involved the distribution of school bags and stationery to students, contributing to a conducive learning environment.    

“Enabling sustainable growth starts with our commitment to strengthening future generations”, says Shiven Amin, Managing Director of Johnson Screens (India) Pvt. Ltd. “As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of corporate social responsibility, initiatives like Prayaas set a commendable standard for ethical and impactful corporate contributions to society”. 

About Johnson Screens 

Johnson Screens is the leading global provider of screening and auxiliary solutions. We support a wide range of industries, such as water wells, environmental, energy, chemicals, food and beverage, and mining, with our highly engineered and precisely fabricated products. 


Renato Barbedo – Global Marketing Director 

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