Johnson Screens Actively Forming the Next Generation of Skilled Workers

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A partnership between Johnson Screens and Mounds View Public Schools helps students prepare for manufacturing careers.

How do we help high school students answer the question – “what’s next?”

Transitioning from high school to life’s next chapter can take many different forms. Some students might want to attend college, others might opt to seek a job around graduation, and others might still be more interested in learning trades or technical skills. In Mounds View Public Schools, the preparation necessary to make this transition is often provided through Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses.

Before graduating, students enrolled in CTE courses are offered an opportunity to explore career options, earn college credit, and in some cases, work towards completing career or technical programs. Today, over 1,000 Irondale and Mounds View students are participating in CTE courses ranging from accounting and automotive education to fashion design and engineering and everything in between. Community partnerships play a huge role in the success of these courses, and today the school district is partnered with 40 local organizations to bring real-world experience to students.

Johnson Screens is proud to be among these partner organizations, and presently we are thrilled to be hosting four Irondale students learning welding at our New Brighton facility.

“Students bring us instant value,” says Dewey Josephson, Johnson Screens’ Operations Manager. “Within a couple of weeks to a month, they’ve passed all the training and certifications for the welding, and they are able to do production welding.” For our organization and the students learning our trade, it’s been a mutually enjoyable experience. “I really like CTE classes,” said Area Learning Center senior Ryan Larson (pictured). “They help us get an OSHA 10 certification very soon in life, so going into the trades, I have a little bit more knowledge than other kids coming in. It really opens up doors for better job opportunities.”

Historically, preparing students for the jump to college has been a point of emphasis for many school systems and their curricula. While this is certainly important, it can leave students for whom college does not seem like the right next step without proper guidance on how to make the transition to their desired career path post-graduation.

“Graduating seniors are often asked, ‘What college are you going to?’” says Chris Lennox, superintendent for the Mounds View Public School District. “We’re shifting that narrative to “What is it you want to be, and how can we help you on the pathway to whatever that is?’”

Johnson Screens is honoured to participate in this wonderful opportunity to provide students with work experience to help prepare them for their future. We couldn’t be happier with our student welders!

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Mounds View Public Schools

Located approximately nine miles north of the downtown areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Mounds View Public Schools (District 621) provides instructional services for children and adult learners. Mounds View is among the largest districts in Minnesota. With two kindergarten centers, six elementary schools, three middle schools and two high schools, the District serves more than 11,500 students and employs more than 1,400 staff. 


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